The following details what is done in regards to the crawl area:
  • Remove all cellulose-bearing debris from underneath the building.

  • Remove all wood connections from building to the soil.

  • Trench foundation walls and piers at footing and treat soil with termite-toxic chemicals.

  • All foundation walls and piers should be drilled into voids or openings in the blocks and injected with termite-toxic chemicals.

  • Inject termite chemicals into all dirt filled porches and other dirt filled constructions.

  • Drill through concrete floors at garage doors and inject termite chemicals underneath the concrete.

  • Treat all soil under the building with termite chemicals.

  • Trench building on out side and inject termite chemicals. After injection cover all outside trenches.

  • Treat all sills, cross-sills, floor-joists and sub-floors with termite chemicals under pressure.

It would be our privilege to take you, the owner of the building, or whomever you desire, under the building for re-examination as termites can be detected in the following ways: the appearance of the winged swarms during the migration seasons, the presence of shelter tubes on walls of the foundation of the house, the discovery of worker termites in wood scrapes lying on or in the ground, and the presence of termite-eaten timbers.

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