The following details what is done in regards to the concrete floor:
  • Drill through masonry joints at 16" intervals, 4 ½ " below floor level on all outside bearing walls.

  • Drill all outside block walls at approximately 8" intervals to allow chemical injection into the voids of the blocks.

  • Apply chemicals under concrete floors with sufficient pressure and quantity.

  • Apply chemicals into the voids of the outside block walls.

  • If there is a trap door at the head of the bathtub, remove trap door and apply chemical into voids.

  • Apply heavy barrier of chemicals around outside of the building.

  • Drill and apply chemicals to all connecting structures such as the laundry room, tool room, etc. All construction connected to the building must be chemically treated.

It would be our privilege to take you, the owner of the building, or whomever you desire, under the building for re-examination as termites can be detected in the following ways: the appearance of the winged swarms during the migration seasons, the presence of shelter tubes on walls of the foundation of the house, the discovery of worker termites in wood scrapes lying on or in the ground, and the presence of termite-eaten timbers.

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